Do you want to move from feeling
overwhelmed and overscheduled
in your life to being
wealthy and expansive?

You can have a successful business and a fulfilling, harmonious life without choosing one or the other. Wondering how that’s possible? Partnering with Next Level Wealth is how! 

Jen Medders and her team focus on helping executives from every and every industry learn how to effectively optimize their time to build wealth. Success involves thoughtful planning and execution. If you want to take your business and life to new heights, the team at Next Level Wealth promise to guide you, push you, and hold you accountable to reach your goals.

Do you want to have it all – a prosperous and harmonious professional and personal life? Do you have the tenacity to go ALL-IN on your desires and show up for the person that matters most – yourself? If you have that commitment and drive, Jen and her team will make it happen with you.

jen sitting

Before I started working with Jen, my business lacked structure and focus. I wasn’t harnessing the right systems and leverage you need to put in place to get to the next level. Overall, I lacked accountability.

I had a phenomenal experience working with Jen. If you find yourself in need of a business and life coach I would highly, highly recommend working with Jen. Her coaching is the best investment I’ve made in my business and myself to date.

Sarah Allen, YouTube Marketer

Sarah Allen

"Have you felt REALLY seen in your life?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who reflect your beauty AND support your growth?

I spent a LOT of my childhood not feeling pretty, knowing I was a little awkward, a little different... and honestly it has led to my stories of unworthiness, my low self-esteem, and not knowing/seeing my value.

I chose friends who were not kind to one another, stole each other's boyfriends (I know that sounds trivial now, but at 14, 15, and 16... that was thing), hurt each other repeatedly with their words and actions, etc... OF COURSE, now I see why I didn't trust women in my early 20s. Why would I?

As I shared some of this with Jen this weekend, which was NOT my intention, we had a little lovefest moment. Lots of sprinkles of love, where I felt seen, heard, and in the presence of a woman who has and continues to do her "work", truly leads with her heart, and has this amazing capacity to support and love the people in her life. It's truly remarkable.

So grateful."

Sonya Costello