What does The Karate Kid have to do with goal planning?

A big theme we hear about from clients all the time is the struggle with implementing goals. The actual DOING versus the part that, frankly, is more fun…visioning and planning!

Taking action is incredibly important when it comes to goals, and yet it’s often the part that we struggle with the most. 

There’s a Zen proverb that comes to mind when we think of this stage of goal planning: “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”

Remember that 80’s movie The Karate Kid?  When Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi to teach him karate, Miyagi has him waxing cars and buffing floors in very particular ways.  Daniel, of course, gets incredibly frustrated and feels like Miyagi is just using him to do all of his chores.  Later on Daniel realizes Miyagi was helping him build a strong foundation for becoming highly skilled in karate. Miyagi had Daniel work with his resistance, push through the feelings of boredom and frustration, and create action that was so frequently practiced it became habit.  

Chop wood, carry water.  Wax on, wax off.

Two major factors came into play with Daniel and Mr. Miyagi.  It was a combination of 100% commitment to the goal AND the right accountability that allowed Daniel to take action and succeed.  Even when the action was super repetitive and annoying, even when he was exhausted and frustrated.  Daniel was deeply committed to learning karate, and he sought out accountability from someone who knew what they were talking about and pushed him to achieve more than he dreamed possible.

So we’ve got two questions for you this week:

Are you 100% committed to your goals?

Who or what is holding you accountable?

Be a Daniel. Go find your Mr. Miyagi. 

And if nothing else, we hope if you– for some wild reason– have never seen The Karate Kid, you’re resolving that issue right away!