Plan to…Fail?

Here we are! The new year has begun! The fresh start we’ve all been dreaming of 🤩

The slate is metaphorically wiped clean. Nothing can stop us now! We’re bright-eyed, excited, full of hopes and plans and energy and vision boards and goals and…

Now what? 😳

Here’s what we humans tend to do:

  • Get super excited and inspired thinking about the new year
  • Vision and create lots of goals
  • Make plans and create “to do” lists
  • Set ourselves up with big expectations about how things will be different THIS year 
  • Lose steam, become discouraged, lack motivation and then at some point in the middle of the year realize we haven’t looked at those goals and lists in months 😑

Here’s what we want you to do instead…Plan to fail.

Yes, you read that correctly. Go ahead and plan on failing. You might think, But what about visualizing success? Manifesting your dreams?  Yes, do that too!  One does not negate the other, and here’s what we mean…

Let’s assume there will be challenges along the way, maybe big ones. At some point this year, you will likely ask yourself (maybe multiple times)–Is this worth it? Do I even know what I’m doing? Should it be so hard if I’m good at what I do?

This is so normal! We just want to PLAN for it. If you want extraordinary success, like you’ve never seen before, then please–for the love of all that’s good in the world–DON’T just do what you’ve done in the past. Do what you know WORKS, and commit to letting go of what doesn’t!  Innovate. Learn. Take risks. And set yourself up for success by planning for failure. 

So here’s our new blueprint for the year:

  • Get super excited and inspired thinking about the new year
  • Create SMART goals–dream big with a dose of realism
  • Be willing to shift gears–don’t get so attached to a plan that you lose flexibility 
  • Decide that every challenge will be an invaluable learning and growth opportunity 
  • Get support and accountability!  A mentor, a coach, an accountability partner or mastermind group. Be willing to be vulnerable, practice asking for support.
  • Schedule time in your calendar to evaluate your goals–ideally monthly, but at least quarterly. Share this with your accountability team!
  • Take responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof). Get real with yourself. We create our own motivation and inspiration, and when that fails, we need habits, strategies and accountability to fall back on.

So friends, keep dreaming big–your potential for success and fulfillment is limitless! In fact, the only limit is YOU.